Why It’s Important To Consider Having Dental Insurance

According to the American Dental Hygienists Association, the number of Americans who have some degree of gum disease is frankly staggering, equaling nearly 75% of the adult population. The best way to keep it in check is ensuring you maintain a regular routine of dental visits that include professional cleanings. These visits can help eliminate the risk of gum disease and identify potential dental and medical issues that may be developing or have developed since your last visit. With dental care being so important, many patients have begun to consider whether dental insurance is really worth the investment.

How Dental Insurance Can Keep Your Life and Smile On Track

There are four major reasons that investing in dental insurance is a good plan, and it starts with the ability to see your dentist affordably. These visits are critical, and not keeping up with them can have lasting and expensive results.

    • Avoid Missing Work – The impact of dental concerns on work cannot be underestimated. Nearly 164 million work hours are lost across the United States every year, and that means lost wages and time with your family. Dental insurance can ensure you get the care you need throughout the year.

    • Control Costs – Dentistry can be quite expensive, especially when your health concerns are serious. Having dental insurance can help defray these costs and make receiving the care you need more affordable when it becomes necessary. Most plans completely cover routine preventative care, including cleanings. With proper dental hygiene, this can keep serious dental concerns at bay.

    • Hidden Health Concerns – Your dentist does more than just check to ensure that your oral health is in check. They also keep an eye out for more serious concerns such as oral cancer. Research continues to reveal how oral health is tied to full-body health, helping your dentist reveal hidden problems.

    • Boost Performance In School – Tooth decay can be a serious problem for young children, and the pain and discomfort that results can make it difficult to concentrate in school. Add to that the time lost for care outside of their yearly dental visits, and the lost education opportunities continue to add up without proper dental care. Dental insurance helps guarantee they receive the care they need to thrive.

These are just the four most important reasons for ensuring that you have sufficient dental coverage for yourself and your family. Even if out of pocket dental care is an option for you, it only takes one major event to put the dental care you need outside your ability to pay.

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