The Best Gifts This Season For Your Oral Health

This holiday period, why not consider giving yourself the gift of better dental hygiene? When it comes time to stuff your stocking, you can find a number of things in your dental aisle at the pharmacy that will bring better smiles for the year to come. While you’re at it, why not sneak a few into your family’s stockings as well! Everyone can benefit from a few items that will help them keep their teeth pearly white and keep holiday decay at bay. Keep reading to find our best selection for holiday gifts that can boost your oral health.

Electric Toothbrushes Are Shockingly Good

If you’ve never experienced the amazing clean you can get with an electric toothbrush, it’s time to upgrade. Multiple studies have shown that using an electric toothbrush provides results that are superior to manual toothbrushes, and there’s an extensive range of options available over-the-counter. Even better, they easily fit in a stocking.

Get a Clean Rinse With A Water Flosser

Flossing, as you might well imagine, remains a vital component of your oral health routine. While flossing with traditional floss can be a tedious pain, a water flosser can make the experience quick and easy. These devices are generally reported to be easier to use than traditional floss and are better able to remove detritus, plaque, and tartar from hard to reach areas between your teeth. 

Reveal Plaques Hiding Spots

There are a few items that you can stuff into a stocking that will actually help your gift recipient identify where in their mouth plaque continues to hide after they finish brushing. We could all benefit from a reminder that it’s important to spend enough time to get a perfect clean. Swabs, solutions, floss, and tablets are all available that will reveal where the remaining plaque is hiding.

Go All Out With A Smart Toothbrush

Got a tech-savvy person on your gift list? Consider splurging and picking them up a smart toothbrush this holiday season. Smart toothbrushes make it possible for your recipient to connect their oral health care to their smartphone. The included app will help provide information about their brushing habits, reveal any oral health issues it may have identified, and track their dental hygiene behavior to help them stay consistent. These incredible devices are learning new tricks every year, so give your gift recipient the magic of advanced dental technology with a smart toothbrush!

Looking for other gift options for family members or friends who are particularly attentive to their oral health? Why not consider bringing them to Glow Dental NYC for a check-up? They’ll be in the hands of some of the best dental professionals in the New York, NY area. With the assistance of a dedicated team of dental health professionals led by Dr. Alina Huang, they’ll get clear insight and solid recommendations on ways to improve their oral health. While you’re at it, why not schedule a visit for yourself? We’d be happy to welcome you and your loved ones to our dental patient family here at Glow Dental NYC.