Silver Diamine Fluoride: A New Weapon Against Cavities

Child Receiving dental Care

The battle against cavities is ongoing, with new techniques, treatments, and preventatives being developed every year to counteract this result of decay. One of our greatest allies in preventing cavities is Fluoride, thanks to its ability to bond with tooth enamel and create a durable, hard to penetrate coating. Once decay has already set in, it was time to remove the damaged portions of the tooth and fill in the resulting hole using some form of filling material. A recent innovation known as silver diamine fluoride has changed the game when it comes to treating cavities. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

SDF, or silver diamine fluoride, is a popular new treatment that can stop cavities in their tracks. It is produced in a liquid form and can be applied directly to the teeth by using a form of floss or a small brush. This water-soluble material takes only moments to apply and has been showing remarkable results when used to treat cavities. This technology isn’t new, it’s been in use all over the world for decades, but it was only approved for dental use in the US in 2014. Since then, it has become a popular weapon in the dental care arsenal of many providers.

What Does SDF Do?

The combination of two ingredients found in SDF are capable of stopping the advance of cavities nearly instantly. Silver and Fluoride are powerful agents in dental health, with silver being an antibacterial, and Fluoride accelerated the remineralization of dental enamel. Combined with its ability to reinforce enamel and its resistance to decay, its the perfect companion for silver. The final result is a quick, easy, and painless solution for cavities that costs less than a 1$ a tooth to apply, making it the best friend of dentists and parents alike.

Are There Things I Should Consider With SDF?

What makes SDF so remarkable is the almost complete absence of side-effects combined with its incredible efficacy. The side-effect that concerns most patients is the permanent black staining that is caused in the decay found on the affected tooth. This is part of the reason it is a popular treatment for children who have not yet lost their baby teeth. It also is known to leave a temporary stain on the other tissues in the mouth, but these disappear quickly. Even with this potential for permanent staining of the decayed areas, many adults still opt to make use of this treatment. It’s 80% effectiveness combined with the inexpensive cost of the procedure makes it very appealing to those on a budget.

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