Dental Care Tips For The Winter Season

When we think about surviving the colder temperatures of the winter season, our primary focus tends to be on warm clothes, snow tires, and watching out for black ice. While these are all important parts of surviving a cold New York winter, your mouth and teeth need you to take special precautions as well. In spite of the durable nature of our teeth, the winter season can be just as damaging to them as it is to our backsides when we slip and fall on ice. This holiday season, remember to follow these steps to keep your smile looking great.

Go Gentle On your Teeth

The winter air can bring about a new level of sensitivity to teeth, especially those that already experience temperature sensitivity. An extra bit of care can be taken to help ease this discomfort during this time of year. Get your hands on a soft bristle toothbrush and use gentle strokes to get in and around the gums and teeth. There are also tubes of toothpaste available that are specially formulated to provide additional protection for sensitive teeth in winter.

Keep Hydrated

When you think about staying hydrated, we’re certain that it’s the warm summer months that come to mind. The cold, dry air of winter makes it just as important to drink enough water, and doing so will help protect your teeth as well. Bad bacteria love a dry environment, so keeping your mouth moist and well-hydrated can help prevent them from growing. It doesn’t hurt that city water contains tooth-healthy fluoride that will help reinforce your teeth and help them remain strong through the wear and tear life brings.

Cut Back On Hot Chocolate

We acknowledge that it can be hard to resist a good cup of hot chocolate, especially during the winter months. Unfortunately, every cup you down comes with a substantial amount of tooth-destroying sugar. There’s nothing wrong with having a cup now and then, but try not to overindulge. If you have a toothbrush easily available and are certain to brush after every cup, then you can stand to have a bit more than average. Otherwise, just make sure you take the time to rinse your mouth with water between cups and consider cutting down on it.

Regularly Wash Your Hands

There’s a tendency for cold sores to appear around the mouth during the winter months. These sores, already painful at any time, can become significantly more uncomfortable during the winter months. Washing your hands can help prevent them, along with a host of other diseases like the Flu.

These tips will aid in protecting your teeth and mouth against the ravages of the biting winter cold. Dr. Alina Huang at Glow Dental NYC in downtown New York, NY, helps patients with general and seasonal dental concerns from our offices. Learn more about us by dropping by our location, or call us to speak to one of our dedicated dental health staff. Our doors are open to accept new customers and welcome you to our patient family.