Are Natural Dental Products Effective?

Charcoal Toothpaste

Finding new ways to introduce natural, chemical-free treatments into our lives has been a growing passion in recent years. The decision to take this step varies from person to person, with some avoiding the chemicals found in certain types of products, while others are doing their part to limit their impact on the Earth. When looking into natural alternatives for your dental hygiene practices, you want to ensure that the items you’re selecting are going to be adequate for good oral care. We’re here to help you by exploring the products that are commonly explored by those seeking natural alternatives, and talking about their efficacy.


Water flossing is the practice of using a specialized form of dental care tool that emits a stream of steady water pulses to accomplish the same goal as flossing. Waterpik is the most familiar brand for these kinds of products, but there are other providers as well. Using pressurized water stored in a small tank, these water flossers help eliminate debris, plaque, and tartar from your teeth in much the same way as flossing. Research has shown that these aren’t quite as effective as normal flossing, but for those who have difficulty with manual dexterity, they can be a great alternative to traditional methods. As a bonus, water contains no additives or chemicals that can be found in some brands of floss.

Charcoal Toothpaste

Activated charcoal is well-known for its ability to purify and absorb toxins, but does that make it good for oral care? The answer to this question is mixed, though some clear benefits can be identified. Charcoal is a common ingredient in natural whitening toothpaste. While its ability to whiten the surface of your teeth is undeniable, it comes with a caveat. This whitening is usually accomplished thanks to the abrasive nature of charcoal. Unfortunately, this abrasive quality can also damage the natural enamel of your teeth, eventually causing the dentin to become exposed and your teeth to appear more yellow. While effective, it’s best to save this for occasional use.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling was a fad that was prominent on the internet some years ago and has recently been seeing a revival. Fad or no, research has revealed that there are some tangible benefits to oil pulling if done regularly and conscientiously. The process of oil pulling involves holding some form of natural oil, such as sesame or olive oil, in your mouth for a period of time before spitting it out and rinsing away the last of it. Surprising to some, this process has actually been shown to draw toxins from the oral tissues, kill bacteria, and aid in oral health. If you opt to give oil pulling a try, be sure not to swallow any of the oil you use.

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